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buenos aires is calling me!

buenos aires is calling me!
2019/01/18 Better Blueprint

{photo credit: pixaby - Casa Rosada}

Truth be told, Buenos Aires is not really calling me - but it did call for one of my besties so, being the great friend that I am, I'm answering by looking for a plane ticket, planning for lots of Malbec and steak, and putting together my outfits for the trip.

A few things to note before/for outfit planning:

  • the flight is 10+ hours
  • the average temp will be low to mid 80s (yippee!)
  • they are known for Malbec and steak!
  • buenos aires is a fashion mecca but fairly low-key most days (smart casual)
  • avoid white because it tends to get dirty by days' end

I'm psyched that I invited myself on this trip and have already made plans to do one night at Palacio Duhua Park Hyatt...

And grabbing a bite at...

And packing (at least) some of these items...(what I love about overseas travel is that I can repeat items continuously!!)


Lastly, every overseas trip requires ONE NICE TRAVEL BUY: for this trip, I'm thinking it's going to be the physix compression socks (voted top pick for flight socks)!

Let's roll!