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How To: Move From the Latest Fashion Trend to Classic Style

How To: Move From the Latest Fashion Trend to Classic Style
2009/07/16 Maya H.

Sometimes it can be difficult to take what we see on the runways, or in the magazines and television, or on our favorite celebrity personality and make it work for us.  Performing this trick isn't particularly difficult if you remember a few notable points:

  • Listen to your gut -- if it says that shirt feels a little tight then put it back or find a larger size!
  • Runway items are not meant to be worn "as is"-- that's why each buyer puts in their request for changes to make it work  for their market segment
  • When there's lots of noise, it's hard to hear yourself think -- same thing when you have too much going on with one outfit, it's hard to see the real pattern or style!
  • Know yourself -- that includes your shape, favorite colors, best physical asset, etc so when you see anything, run through your body and preferences, and do a first cut
  • Work from the inside out -- the two items you want to 'keep' the best are your face and your body otherwise, nothing you put on will look right!
  • Stick to the basics -- classic style is the mortar that should hold your outfit together; the zesty, trendy pieces are just temporary and short-lived

Blueprint for Style knows these fundamentals are helpful and hopes you'll use them often!!CartoonP5_HonestPraise_copy