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Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: The Wrap-sody of Spring!

Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: The Wrap-sody of Spring!
2011/04/28 Maya H.

Question: Where can I find a nice wrap dress?

Adrianne B. shot us an excellent question on one of spring and summer's hottest trends: the iconic wrap dress!  This time around, designers like Diane von Furstenberg have given the garment a makeover, providing us with unique styles in all sorts of patterns, lengths, fabrics, and silhouettes.  Below you will find various styles of the wrap-dress; follow the links and choose accordingly to cater to your own personal style and definitely do let us know which is your favorite!  Plan to go with solids and then use accessories to make your mark, or opt for something with a print or pattern and keep everything else neutral to keep attention on the dress.



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