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Fashion Accessory Designer: Kaia Peterka

Fashion Accessory Designer: Kaia Peterka
2011/04/28 Blueprint
Know first that I am a bit of a bag runs the gamet from bargain to high-end, plain to patterned, small to oversized, neutral-toned to metallic and shiny!  Therefore, it was divine that I was connected with Kaia Peterka awhile back and can now call her a fast friend.  Fashion & accessory designer, Kaia Peterka, started her business to create something beautiful that had purpose and durability, and now you can share in her inspired moments through her fabulous prints and styles.  If you read and realize like I do that these bags are outfit-makers, then feel free to head to the website and use the code "blueprint" to get an additional 20% off ANY item!  Read more....  
Revolution Bronze Python Cuff

1) How did you start doing what you do?  I have always loved beautiful things and, by extension, fashion.  I would collect vintage fabrics, dresses, hats, pins, things I couldn't imagine wearing, but had to have just to look at.  I tried to create something wearable from these pieces and I had the most success translating interesting materials into handbags.  You can be much more adventurous with texture, print and color with accessories.  And I think that allows you to be freer and more experimental with your look.  I also love bags for their purpose and durability.  I treasured the bags my grandmother passed down to me.  They've lived so many moments with her and now with me.

2) If stranded on a deserted island, what is your one fashion must-have?  A big colorful scarf which I'd use as a dress, a towel, a sac, or a sunshade- whatever I might need.

Virtue Candy Stripe Clutch

3) Sugar, artificial sweetener, raw sugar or nothing?

  • ( ) Processed sugar
  • (x) Artificial Sweetener  Sadly!
  • ( ) Raw Sugar
  • ( ) Nothing

4) What is your favorite item that every woman must have?  A signature fragrance (or two).  Some favorites are Pomegranate Anise from Fresh and Bulgari's Extreme.

5) Is there an item that the fellas notice or give feedback on?  Shoes, surprisingly.  Though I only listen to the positive.  I know what I like and if others do, too, that is a bonus.

6) At Blueprint for Style, we think a clutch is one of the simplest ways to go from ‘desk to date night’ ready. Do you agree? If not, what is that item for you? If so, which clutch can we rock the easiest?!   Definitely.  Clutches instantly make you ready for action.  No burden of stuff weighing you down!  My current favorite is the Virtue clutch in Silk Lace.  The print is graphic and dramatic, but it's black and white, so very easy to wear.   The Virtue clutch is big enough for your things, but also super compact and light when empty.  It also has a detachable shoulder strap.  Love this modern take on lace.  If your look is more conservative, the Starlet in Obsidian is a great bet.  This pleated black clutch is in the softest leather. 

Zhivago Obsidian

7) Have you ever checked out the Blueprint for Style blog ( If so, what do you think?  Yes, of course!  I love the mix of items and features.  There really is something for everyone, but still a strong point of view.

8) Any 'sneak peeks' at new items coming out soon?  There are some fabulous mixed materials coming out for summer and fall.  The collage effect makes for an artistic chic.

9) What is your splurge/personal indulgence item?  Fresh flowers.  I cannot get enough.

10) When you're hungry, what food do you crave most?  A delicious chicken curry from a Vietnamese place in Chinatown.

11) Where can we go to see you/your business "in action'?  Visit to browse or shop.  Check out the Stores link on the website to find a retailer near you.  Send us an email at to be added to our private events list. 

12) What is your best sellling item?  Virtue Clutch in Fleur d'Or

Virtue Clutch (in Fleur d'Or)



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