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Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Top Off Your Cropped Pants!

Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Top Off Your Cropped Pants!
2011/05/28 Maya H.

Question from Aleysha: What are the best tops (shirts, cardigan, jackets, etc.) to wear with crop pants to look casual elegant?

Cropped Pants

Answer: Aleysha shot us an excellent style question that can be kept in mind throughout every season. Taking the confident and chic measure of wearing cropped pants is a great alternative to ordinary trousers, jeans, and shorts.  Sometimes known as capris, they are shorter than the regular ankle length trouser, reaching just above the ankle or as high as just below the knee. The most important factors to remember when wearing cropped pants are the styling and cuts that are available, the body types that they suit the most, and what to pair the cropped pants with. Follow these stylish tips and looks below to discover the best 'short cuts' on what to top off your cropped pants with!

  • Always keep in mind that your outfit must be proportioned and balance - diminishing this thought can lead you to creating a look that is unflattering to your body type and shape.
  • Avoid the temptation to overdo your top with too many ruffles and other flutters. Although the pant seems versatile, the sleekness of it should have you keeping the rest of your pieces minimal, as they pants themselves are a chic and minimalistic piece.
  • For casual outings, pair the cropped pants with tee shirts, vests, and tunics in bright colors and vivid patterns like floral, geometric shapes, striped, and checkered. For a neutral, fresh, and relaxed look, try tones of khaki, greens, and whites.
  • You want to choose a piece that is opposite to your bottom - i.e.: do not wear loose tops with loose bottoms, as the look will end up being too casual and unflattering, even adding unwanted weight to your frame. Likewise, wear fitted tops, vests and tunics with loose pants for a balanced and polished look. Complete the look with ballet flats or heels.
  • Lightweight jackets and fitted blazers look exceptionally chic with cropped pants, giving you a super sophisticated vibe. Adding on a colorful scarf can also complete a look with more liveliness panache.
  • When wearing a loose-fit cropped trouser for those semi-formal occasions, avoid loose tops and instead pair it with a fitted tunic, blouse or top to look modern, classy, and elegant. Add on a sleek blazer for even more sophistication.
  • For strictly formal events, avoid wild patterns and opt for neutral colors such as ivory, black, beige and gray.

By following the hot tips above and creating looks similar to the ones shown, you'll be ready and confident to sport your cropped pants in no time. The pants are already doing you justice by being casual elegant as you opt for; now go experiment with various tees, blouses, jackets, blazers and other tops and share your favorite pick!