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Simply, Helmut Lang

Simply, Helmut Lang
2010/04/14 Maya H.

A man of few words and even fewer public appearances, Helmut Lang is considered the forefather of minimalist designs and has with surgical precision, laid groundwork for other great designers like Dries van Noten.  Here are a few notables:

  • Lang was born in 1956 in rural Vienna, Austria.  Of growing up in such spartan surroundings, Helmut said, "To grow up under really simple circumstances and to understand that certain things were ornamental—the idea of the simple life interrupted by the opulence of particular festivities—that made an impression on me as a child and is something I use.”
  • Sometimes are path is pre-ordained.... he started out in banking but switched to fashion because he couldn't find suitable clothing!!
  • He is a bit of a social hermit thus, not many pictures exist of him (we found some!)
  • Lang was well regarded and established in Vienna thus, his move to New York City in 1998 constituted the first ever intercontinental move of a fashion house
  • MIA -- although he was nominated for all three major awards and won Menswear Designer of the Year from CFDA in 2000, he was a no-show....
  • In 1999, Prada acquired 51% of Helmut Lang shares and through a series of flip-flops and alleged disagreements, the Milan-based fashion house acquired the remaining shares in October 2004
  • Trademarks: minimalist with uncharacteristic materials and cuts; simple and casual designs yet slightly oblique
  • Current lines include....

* Helmut Lang Men's and Women's Clothes
* Helmut Lang Underwear, since 1995
* Helmut Lang Jeans, since 1996
* Helmut Lang Protective Eyewear, since 1996
* Helmut Lang Shoes, since 1995
* Helmut Lang Accessoires, since 1996