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Bridal Party Bliss

Bridal Party Bliss
2010/04/14 Maya H.

My last official count was three.....three more bridesmaids dresses I'll be purchasing to accommodate my friend's wishes and matrimonial dreams.  That would bring my grand total to nine - nine weddings, nine bridesmaids dresses, and nine pairs of shoes!

But wait, make that eight or perhaps seven because I've just discovered David's Bridal bridesmaids dresses and I may actually be able to wear my dress again!  The dress colors, styles and material are completely wearable not only for the day but, for other occasions...and isn't that the silent request of every bridesmaid?!

  • Color: it's completely in the hands of your competent but stressed bride-to-be but, the vibrant and rich are the words that come to mind for this summer's matrimonial strolls
  • Style: more and more brides-to-be are relinquishing the once stuffy must-haves in favor of styles that the person and their body type!
  • Material: at one point, everything was shiny but with silk dupioni, raw silk, charmeuse and higher end satins, bridesmaids can now hold their heads up as they walk down the aisle in more breathable and fluid wedding-wear

Just a few matrimonial musings as the season kicks off - spring has sprung and wedding bliss abounds!  The question is whether you'll be blissful walking down the aisle and with a little assistance from David's Bridal, the answer has a great chance of being "yes"!