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No More Bulky Cash!

No More Bulky Cash!
2011/10/18 Better Blueprint

The wallet bulge is tacky and leaves an ugly imprint on your pants (see picture)....

We've got three sleek alternatives: a leather card holder (enough for 1 or 2 cards and some cash), a magnetic money clip (keeps everything together with a foldover design), or a money clip card case (two card slots and a section for dinero)!

A quick note from Details Magazine: Isaac Mizrahi, who makes pants without any rear pockets at all for his high-end men’s line, can think of only one reasonable excuse for a man to stick with the back-pocket bulge. “It’s one sure way a woman can tell if a guy is straight,” Mizrahi says. “No gay man would ever deliberately put a lump on his butt.”