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Money Can Buy Happiness!

Money Can Buy Happiness!
2016/02/26 Better Blueprint


Whoever said 'money can't buy happiness' obviously didn’t have enough of it and when I say “enough of it”, I’m talking $50 or so. When they came up with the phrase, I’m sure the main issue was ‘trying to keep up with the Joneses’.

But if you reevaluate your definition of happiness and can just adjust your money scale, you’ll find that happiness can come on the cheap, relatively speaking!

I’ve been going through a ‘blue period’ the last couple of weeks and couldn’t seem to shake it off. I was moving along ‘business as usual’ trying to power through but it wasn’t happening. My partners in crime (PICs) were creating mini-interventions from girls’ night in to tech-free days to “wine-down” sessions – I love them for it but they weren’t working.

Until one of my true-blue partners sits me down and literally forced me to sign up for an exercise class at Reformation Fitness (they have new member specials so I snagged the 2 Pilates classes for $39 and 2 studio classes for $29). I went and although I was sore that same day, I also felt better!

Two days prior, I had clicked the [buy] button on another new personalized notebook that I'm now doodling in regularly.

Long story short: money can't buy happiness in the original sense of the phrase but it can buy you exercise classes and those endorphins equal....happiness!!