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new leather options for everyday

new leather options for everyday
2020/03/19 Better Blueprint
In Style, Sun & Sand

As an entrepreneur, I don't have need for leather everyday. That said, my lifestyle doesn't lend itself to wearing a leather outfit head-to-toe but I do appreciate nice pieces that can add pop to my everyday looks.

COS just shared a few new pieces and they're lovely!

Here are a few keys to caring for your leather too:

  • Spot clean leather with a slightly damp cloth
  • Condition leather to keep it supple (it's skin!) with a leather balm by applying a small amount with a cloth and buff gently
  • Ventilate leather between wears and avoid direct sunlight
  • Use wooden shoe trees to keep the shape and slow down the creasing of your leather shoes
  • Roll leather garments to avoid fold creases when traveling
  • Softer leathers can scratch, so be careful with sharp items like keys