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a one-piece swimsuit

a one-piece swimsuit
2020/08/11 Better Blueprint
In Style, Sun & Sand

Simply put: one-piece swimsuits can be sexy! I'm not sure where or when the idea came about that bathing suits that were one-piece (aka maillots) weren't cool but, as with anything, you just need to find the right one that highlights your assets.

I scooped this red one here and also scoped the black one too - and will get the pretty pink one before it's over. Don't stop there - I also found this textured, golden rod-colored one here which I'm dying to wear and then realized that no swimwear collection is complete without at least a white swimsuit so I snatched up this too!

Oh yeah - I did get this navy asymmetric swimsuit for these days I need to go super chic....

Gone are the days of the bikini ruling the roost (and costing a fortune) - all of these swimsuit options are under $75! And while I do have bikinis too because I love the ability to mix and match (and they make going to the restroom MUCH easier), I won't give up on my one-piece swimsuits!

Now, you just need a fab cover-up and you're ready-to-rock!!

Good luck!