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Flat Out Gorgeous!

Flat Out Gorgeous!
2010/11/02 Maya H.


Everyone knows I am a slave to high heels and why not - they make me look taller, they make me look leaner, and they make me look like I'm working out my lower half religiously!  However, I have recently become a closet junkie for ballet flats.

If they're made correctly, they are chic, comfortable, can be dressed up, and add the pinch of feminity that I only thought could come from a high heel....more demure schoolgirl than sex kitten, but puuurrr nonetheless!  This flat by Bloch is a great intro flat for your wardrobe basics.  Pair it with skinny denim easily or even a pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversized blazer to go ultra-casual.  Go to the other end of the spectrum with a leather mini skirt of any color and solid color tank, and these shoes add the finishing panache!

I will always love my high heels, but in my aging style wisdom, I am understanding the value of being a well heeled woman in flats!