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White is THE Boldest Color

White is THE Boldest Color
2010/11/02 Maya H.

Most people probably wouldn’t even consider white a “color”.  I feel that when it comes to wardrobe, white is not only a bold color, but the most IMPORTANT color you can own.  I want to talk white collared shirts.  I “heart” a great fitting white collared shirt.  They just make everything you are wearing instantly classic.  I love pairing a collared shirt with riskier fashion choices and think it is a great way to anchor a funky skirt, pant or trend.   The way I see it, just like a black pant and great pair of jeans, there is a reason virtually every designer or stores ALWAYS have white collared shirts as part of their collection or stock….They are an all season MUST HAVE.  You simply can’t live without it.

I loved pairing my white collared shirt with this little pleated schoolgirl skirt.  Also loved mixing the black sweater and shirt- black and white are so dynamic against each other.


The second pairing was a lot of fun.  The Nicole Miller dress was a little too “evening” and dressy for work.  By adding the white collared shirt underneath I turned this sheath dress into a jumper and made it perfectly daytime appropriate.

Now where to you start to shop for YOUR white collared shirt?  I have a few favorites and suggestions.

This is a personal favorite because I own it and it is the shirt pictured in my personal shots above.  The Limited “Taped Cuff Shirt” fits fantastic for not being a couture cut and with a price tag of $44.90 I was able to buy two and rotate them! Shop

Banana Republic is always a great choice for purchasing your basics.  The above “French Cuff Shirt” is also a great fit and a friendly pricetag at $59.50.  Visit

For a more luxurious feel, fit and a much heftier price tag this beautiful Armani Colleziono “Classic Cotton Shirt” can be yours by shopping at for $295.  This fabric will last through more dry cleaning sessions and stay with you much longer then the above mentioned shirts.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, in any sense of the word, is the Prada “Poplin Shirt”.  We all know the brand and that is signifies quality and couture, as it should, for $395.  Visit to purchase.

Happy Shopping!