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my april impulses & obsessions

my april impulses & obsessions
2020/04/30 Better Blueprint

This month with COVID-19 lock down in full swing everywhere, I've taken to the internet like a madwoman! The only difference is the things I've been buying are more about supporting my business and helping small retailers and designers which feels better than just making random purchases.


  • My mind was wandering to better days and warmer locations, and I purchased this roomy frock in hopes that I'd be out-and-about by the time summer rolls around!
  • I started a Marie-Kondo style exorcism of my closets and wanted to share it on IG so needed to get this pivo to make it easy to share (a business expense!)!!
  • I love orange so HELLO this 'brilliant sunset' pajama set was perfection + anyone that decides to [inappropriately] call me in the morning will be graced with this sunshine-y look!!
  • In honor of #thistooshallpass, I scooped this orange silk-blend crewneck tee to pair with....everything but especially my Abejas orange leather flip flops
  • Moisture-wicking, water repellant, 3x dry fabric....these ankle pants were a no brainer (and under $60)!
  • I'm a sucker for cashmere these days so the moment I found these monaco blue and snow oatmeal-colored tees, I snagged them for now and well into fall
  • I realized a couple of months ago that I had nothing living in my house (aside from the squirrels that come into my attic crawl space!!!) so I found this awesome website for plants and got the money plant for myself immediately...


  • I've been seeing this chic and spartan statement ring scroll thru my IG and just need to pull the trigger....
  • Been craving an Anine Bing blazer so this fishbone blazer is perfect for pairing with distressed denim + a vintage tee!!!! and 25% off!
  • I've been scared to order anything from IG because a lot of people are saying their items never arrived but when I saw this mini denim dress with cuff ties, I had to try because it seemed ideal for sitting on the deck sipping morning coffee or evening bourbon....(fingers crossed)
  • I love wine but the issue I run into living the 'single life' is that I cannot polish off a full bottle of wine without effort so I feel guilty opening them then I found VineBox which is a quarterly subscription that sends your nine, one glass serving hard-to-fine wines so I can sip without guilt and buy the ones I want!!! WINNING
  • And then Frame denim had their legendary online same sale...most jeans were $60-$75 - - who could resist!? I didn't and scooped three pairs including a fun one-piece shorts romper for warmer days ahead

I am 100% sure I purchased more but whatever I forgot, I'll just share next month because, at the rate delivery is going, I won't get it until May anyway!!