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Essential Spring Wardrobe Transition Piece

Essential Spring Wardrobe Transition Piece
2010/03/04 Maya H.

Imagine a busy Saturday morning and your favorite jeans, or an after-work drink to commiserate about 'work drama' and you're decked out in your super-cute khaki skirt and frilly top, or you're at work in the most basic of shift dresses.

All are excellent opportunities to rock this l.a.b. striped wrap sweater throw and, simultaneously, increase your style prowess!  The oversized shape can easily hide our make-believe imperfections; the skinny cropped sleeves create a slimming effect; and uneven horizontal striping distracts the eye from settling on one place.

It comes in a navy and white stripe, or a light grey and charcoal stripe and at $178, it's an essential piece to easing the transition from winter to spring.