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Top 10 Common Etiquette Mistakes

Top 10 Common Etiquette Mistakes
2010/03/03 Maya H.

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  1. Eating with your mouth open -- this goes from bad habit to classless very quickly
  2. Grooming in public -- all cleaning and hygiene should be personal
  3. Being a gym slob -- hogging equipment or leaving your biologicals is uncool!
  4. Talking solely about yourself -- the quickest way to esnure you'll stay by yourself
  5. Treating service staff poorly -- this is a clear indicator of what you really think of yourself...grow up!
  6. Not giving up your seat -- we call it basic human decency
  7. Being late -- so is your time more valuable than mine?!
  8. Arguing over a check -- be prepared to pay your share, or the whole thing!
  9. Not removing yourself to take a cell call -- everyone let's it slide but that doesn't make it right
  10. Failing to introduce someone -- it's common courtesy...learn it!

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