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Borsalino…and the History of Hats

Borsalino…and the History of Hats
2009/11/16 Maya H.

Fedora by BorsalinoIn 1834, Alessandro Guiseppe Borsalino was born - in 1856, he obtained a certificate to open a hat makers workshop -- in 1857, he and brother Lazzaro started Borsalino Hats -- in 1970, the film "Borsalino" was made which re-launched the popularity of the Borsalino brand -- today, Borsalino hats are associated with unmistakable style, class and elegance.

For this winter and into spring, a fedora is the mark of 'throwback' panache and styleBorsalino hat_womanyou'll find them all over but, consider a Borsalino fedora given it's long history and stellar craftsmanship.  You can check them out online at Borsalino or, when you're in New York, stop by the store (Borsalino America, 310 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001; 212.279.6555;

No matter what's going on underneath the hat or below the neck, these hats and this hatmaker equal hauteness -- it's time to rock a fedora!

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