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Are You Toting Around Yesterday’s News?

Are You Toting Around Yesterday’s News?
2009/12/23 Maya H.

I've had the distinct dis-pleasure of observing three DC movers-and-shakers tote around yesterday's news in the form of tattered, war-torn and bruised baggage commonly (or formerly) known as briefcases.  Worse yet, two out of three were actually the canvas freebies you receive at conferences (one was from a 2004 conference)....not acceptable for a sophisticated man who wants to be taken seriously in corporate America or in the high-powered, back-office deals!

2010 is a new year -- let's commit to a new briefcase or tote, ok?  Unlike ladies, most gentlemen need just one and this is all the more reason to make it special.  Below are a few of our favorites from the Blueprint for Style team.

Enjoy and, please, let's start 2010 making moves rather than toting yesterday's news!

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