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Unexpected “Regular”

Unexpected “Regular”
2012/06/06 Better Blueprint

Do you ever have those items that you find yourself using (or wearing) and think, "Oh wow - I should have gotten two of these!" I did that the other day with my Cuddly Monkey Chica bag. I begged the PR rep for a bag as soon as I saw it and then went I finally got it, it became one of my unexpected regular totes in no time.

  • to carry all of my vision boarding materials and stock
  • to carry a few client items to an impromptu styling session
  • to pack my stuff (along with my sister's) for a two-day family weekend
  • to transport lots of little chachskis from one place to the next
  • as the go-to bag for a busy mom blogger with two kids in tow
  • to the beach in Barbados with towel, and full change of clothes (my sister, not me!)

It's been invaluable and what I am loving most about it ~ it still looks brand new! The design team at Stag&Hare came up with this cotton canvas that I would now like for all of my totes to have....if you get one, you'll wonder how you went so long without it. I don't drag my totes around but they definitely get 'air play'; and this one fits perfectly on my shoulder and fills up nicely (always with space for my keys and iPhone so I'm not digging around).

I'm in love and, in spite of the fact that it's red, I'm rocking it. BTW, my sister managed to abscond it from me and I just snagged it back from her on my overnight to Connecticut -- WINNING!

Cuddly Monkey~ Chica bag {22'W x 16"H x 6"D}