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  • Apr262016
    Hermes birkin, designer handbags

    Designer Handbags are OUT!

    Trends ebb and flow and come and go but the last time the designer handbag industry saw an "ebb" was…

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  • Jun062012

    Unexpected “Regular”

    Do you ever have those items that you find yourself using (or wearing) and think, "Oh wow - I should…

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  • Nov172011

    Step 6 To A Wardrobe Winter Wonderful (There Are 8)

    Step 6: "Rubber duckie you're the one...." We hear you...they aren't the most stylish things you'll see but $25 will save…

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  • Aug092011

    My Top Totes To Ogle for Fall 2011

    They all provide ample space for high-powered paperwork They are all semi-structured which allows them to maintain their shape while…

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  • Dec232009

    Are You Toting Around Yesterday’s News?

    I've had the distinct dis-pleasure of observing three DC movers-and-shakers tote around yesterday's news in the form of tattered, war-torn…

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