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Addictions…of the Face

Addictions…of the Face
2014/07/30 Better Blueprint

orlane super moisturizingOrlaneI've witnessed my skin glow. My friends and even possible frenemies notice. I've become wholly dependent on Orlane for maintaining a healthy youthful mistiness....and I don't know what I'm going to do when it's gone.

I use it during the week like religion but go without on the weekend (advice from my friend Julia of All About the Pretty). When I travel, it's consider "precious cargo" and goes into my carry-on....yes, I've found creative ways to ensure I can fit all of my "liquids" without fear of confiscation. That said, these miracle liquids are one ounce each and, in a pinch, I'd throw away my contact solution, hair oil and body moisturizer if I needed to make room!

I now understand the addiction...the necessity....the unbridled affection with certain facial products. I am there! If you're so inclinded, head to any Neiman Marcus and rush to the Orlane counter. Get a sample.

You'll thank me; and then curse me.

I'm cool with it....