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Archive for February, 2016

  • Feb262016

    Money Can Buy Happiness!

    Whoever said 'money can't buy happiness' obviously didn’t have enough of it and when I say “enough of it”, I’m…

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  • Feb242016

    Travel Like A Man….With This Suitcase!

    "This is it!" The music is playing in the background when you get a whiff of your new travel duffle…

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  • Feb222016

    HSM x David Hart Capsule Clothing Line

    David Hart is a local dude...from Annapolis, MD. He's big time too having teamed with the likes of Cadillac and…

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  • Feb172016

    9 Fashion Week Survival Essentials

    If you're doing Fashion Week then you'll need (at least) these 9 essentials to make it through the events in style!

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  • Feb052016

    Weekend Want: Knotted Belt

    The knotted belt is the top trending product this week....perfection with a tunic shirt or regular one, an oversized sweater,…

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  • Feb052016

    Allen Edmonds Sale

    Fellas - if you have nothing to do or even if you do, click here....

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  • Feb032016

    What The Fashionable Are Wearing For Fashion Week!

    I don't often post about what others are wearing unless it makes now! At this year's Paris Couture Spring…

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  • Feb022016

    Spice Up Your Health With Ginger

    I'm a recent ginger convert....thanks in part to my girlfriend, Jodi, who puts it in any drink we have (I…

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  • Feb012016

    Post Jonas Coat Cover Up

    Jonas was serious, right? I was holed up in my place for more than two days...excluding venturing into my backyard…

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