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Travel Like A Man….With This Suitcase!

Travel Like A Man….With This Suitcase!
2016/02/24 Better Blueprint

"This is it!" The music is playing in the background when you get a whiff of your new travel duffle suitcase by Wool & Oak. It's not even available in retail stores yet BUT you can be one of the first to have it - and for under $300!!

Wool & Oak duffle suitcase_outside

Why get this? Because when you see the guy next to you with it, you'll be pissed. Now, it isn't for every guy but for the well-heeled and well-traveled, this could represent a little nirvana with 19 unique features including a laptop pocket, a tablet pocket a tie pocket, charger, mouse and journal pockets and two built-in shoe mention a few.

The catch: you have to join the Kickstarter campaign by February 25th at noon - after that, you'll just have to wait for it to hit a store in one of three leather options (I'm partial to the navy blue).

Sad to say, I kinda want one too.......

Wool & Oak duffle suitcase_inside