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Without Saying A Word, Style GuideBook Vol 2

Without Saying A Word, Style GuideBook Vol 2
2014/03/25 Better Blueprint

My second DC launch party for my style guidebook, Without Saying A Word: The Silent Power of Style, happened on February 27th at Bonobos' DC store in Cady Alley. It was a fabulous time had by all and by "all", I mean men and women. This launch party was for the guys and girls: the ladies got to chat about the inner workings of getting stylish and since every stylish woman wants a dapper man on her arm, the gents got an opportunity to see some pieces of fabulous clothing...the essence of relaxed but dapper casual attire.

This book signing was special....not only did my sister fly in from Connecticut.....

Bonobos-book-signing-Without Saying A Word

But I had such enthusiasm and support from Bonobos DC (guys this should at least  be one of your go-to spots for casual but cool duds).....

Bonobos DC

My Bonobos DC peeps are the best!!

Bonobos DC

Doing our caught-in-the-moment shot as we were sitting talking in a dressing room...

Bonobos DC

Carsen giving a warm and heartfelt welcome....

And a crowd full of ladies and gents from everywhere...the common theme was #WSAWstyle!

Bonobos DC - WSAWstyle

Ladies chatting over the book and doing some social media posting!

Bonobos DC - WSAWstyle - winner

The winner of our Bonobos DC contest, Mr. Ellis!

Bonobos DC - WSAWstyle - book signing

It was so much fun signing books and offering personalized style tips

Bonobos DC - book signing - WSAWstyle

And, of course, I had a great time hamming it up for the camera man (Weikerken)

Bonobos DC

All in all, a great time had by all...and of course, another opportunity to share my style insights and expertise with you through my book, Without Saying A Word: The Silent Power of Style.

Bonobos DC - book signing - #WSAWstyle

Bonobos DC - book signing - #WSAWstyle

Stacey, of Blogalicious, would be so proud that I did this post....I promised her I would, so thank her when you get a chance! Oh yeah - I can't forget a BIG thank you to Bonobos DC because they outfitted me!!