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A Hair Mask to Reveal Beautiful Locks

A Hair Mask to Reveal Beautiful Locks
2014/03/26 Better Blueprint

hair mask-kanebo

This little container from Kanebo International was like a ray of sunshine....

I am in the middle of (re)dedicating myself to getting fit.
I just got my hair colored again.
Highlights are coming this spring.

Thus the perfect time for Sensai Intensive Hair Mask. It's a bit pricey ($58) but worth every penny...

It's recommended for severely damaged hair (I was on the way there...) and has ten oriental herbal extracts hydrate, nourish and aid recovery. And the smell is simply delicious.

I've now used it three times and, without telling my hairstylist, she claims I'm doing a "better job of taking care of my hair".....(side eye - she has no idea!)

Much thanks to Kanebo for providing this luxurious product. As I begin the looong journey toward becoming physically fit and fab, this will undoubtedly be part of my regular hair routine!!

Try Sensai Hair Mask and believe!