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Winter Socks

Winter Socks
2015/11/11 Better Blueprint
In Accessories, Style
eberjey and socks

                                                 {my eberjey loungewear and over-the-knee socks}

I'm always cold so "preparing" for colder weather is a bit of an undertaking. One of my main winter essentials is warm feet - and for that I enlist the help of Free People. They make these over-the-knee cable socks that are perfect for walking around the house (wood floors...), rocking with my Hunter boots (they have no insulation!), or just under my tall boots.

When I mentioned that the ladies in my #personalbranding class at Washington School for Girls would love them....they answered the call by sending over grey and ivory (the girls are restricted to wearing navy, grey or white socks)!

A few ladies slipped out before the end of the session but Free People helped make several young ladies very happy, warm and stylish this winter...

BIG thanks!!

{ladies from @wsgdc's personal branding class}

                                            {ladies from @wsgdc's personal branding class}