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Washington School for Girls

Washington School for Girls
2015/09/29 Better Blueprint

washington school for girls

I'm giddy with excitement to be working with the Washington School for Girls. It's an independent, all-girls, Catholic day school serving grades 3-8 in Anacostia...and it's tuition-free!

Yours truly will be part of the Extended Day program and teaching a class on "personal branding" to seventh and eighth graders -- it's never too soon to understand your worth and how to project the value positively!!

Each week, the girls will learn about a different aspect of their personal brand from the importance of health and fitness to how to take care of your skin, what makeup if any you need at that stage to how to care for your crown (aka hair). There are a host of other topics but I'm not doing it alone. With the help of a dynamic team of female entrepreneurs and dynamic personalities, the course will culminate in the creation of their very own Vision Board!

In the meantime, check out the star-studded support cast that is helping to make this possible:

Stay tuned for periodic updates on my first, in-person teaching adventure!