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Who’s That Girl?

Who’s That Girl?
2011/08/10 Better Blueprint

Blueprint for Style has interns....two!  They are both fabulous young ladies who are stylish and fashion-forward in their own right - - - albeit, neither are the same as me, that's what makes their posts and insights so refreshing.  I wanted to take the time to introduce them and give them their 'propers' because they work hard....

The first one to be profiled is Donna who tweets as FearlessBfS and is, in my estimation, a contemporary reincarnation of Madonna back in her 'Like a Virgin' days.  Read about Donna's faves from stores to designers to trends, and her inspiration and aspirations. We love Donna -- and know you do too!

  1. Sugar, raw, artificial sweetener? Splenda!
  2. Black or camel? I think my style color palette has changed - it use to be "black goes with everything!" but lately I've been leaning towards lighter hues, so camel
  3. Colors or neutrals? I love pops of color, especially when they peek-a-boo out of neutral basics (think a chic neutral blazer with a hot coral blouse peeking underneath!) I work at Betsey Johnson... how can I not love color?
  4. Pink or red? Red is classic, pink is flirty - can I choose both?
  5. Best purchase ever? First thing that pops in my head: jeggings. They are extremely comfortable and go with absolutely everything in my closet. Every girl needs a pair! I have three - a white moto pair from Diese, a light denim with an ankle zipper, and a dark pair with snap buttons along the side!
  6. Current LUST item? I've been eyeing these Betsey Johnson pumps ever since they came out - the corset-inspired lace back is amazing and the subtle pastel floral print goes with so much. I'm also in love with the 'ellen' cross-body bag by kate spade - the color is such a nice pop and it's the perfect shape and size.
  7. Fashionista or Just Fab? Pretty much just fab (we agree!)
  8. Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning, tea at night
  9. Statement jewelry or minimalist? Statement pieces for me, unless my outfit is already busy
  10. Studs or hoops? I just recently started wearing studs, and I'm liking them quite a lot! Otherwise, I stick to dangle/chandelier earrings
  11. Bootcut or straight leg? Bootcut looks more classic to me but I prefer wearing straight leg as they go with my wardrobe more
  12. Best style advice for the man trying to look hip but not “young”?  When it doubt, dress it up rather than down - just make sure it fits (that doesn't necessarily mean 'slim fit')
  13. Best style advice for the woman trying to hide her midsection? Absolute key is to make sure the sizing is right: a size too big adds more bulk and a size too small accentuates unwanted tummy!
  14. Flats or high heels? When it comes down to it, I opt for heels
  15. Oversized hobo or structured handbag? Structured for me - I like structure in my life!
  16. Prints or stripes? I'm a huge sucker when it comes to stripes - they, along with subtle polka-dots, are my two favorite patterns!
  17. Gilt Groupe or Ideeli? Gilt Groupe is easier to navigate but Ideeli's deals are unbelievable and there is a huge variety - sign up for both!
  18. Iphone or Blackberry? I can't do only touchscreen, which is why I love my Blackberry Torch - it's both!
  19. Favorite Blueprint for Style post? I love all of the 'Midweek Style Society' posts - it's great to see some of the latest fashion headlines from various fashion writers, bloggers, and enthusiasts!
  20. Fall or summer? I love fall clothes - layering is the best!
  21. Dress or skirt? Dresses everyday!
  22. Best leather piece for fall? Right now, I'm looking for a sturdy leather bag to carry my laptop for school and my everyday essentials. This one by Alesya is looking very promising right now!
  23. Any fall color trends? Orange, red, and yellow - just like the fall leaves!
  24. Favorite designer? Betsey Johnson!
  25. Favorite stores; why? I love shopping on-line at ASOS - their variety is incredible! For in-store shopping, I love Nordstrom - also for variety and it's easy to navigate!
  26. Best splurge item for the young fashionista? That IT pair of nude pumps - they go with everything throughout every season. You really can't go wrong.
  27. Any shopping secrets? I avoid weekend shopping - it's too crowded and things get messy! The earlier in the day, the better. No crowds, you have everything to yourself! Also, don't be afraid to ask for extra sizes in the back - they most likely will have more!
  28. What are you going to be sharing with us this fall? Wearing graphic tartan and leather - only two of the many trends we'll be discussing!

Some of my favorite Donna posts: