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Nothin’ Basic About This Babe!

Nothin’ Basic About This Babe!
2011/08/25 Better Blueprint


Blueprint for Style's second intern (yes, we have two) is just-as-fab in her own way.  Lauren, who tweets as @DtermindBfSntrn, is always happening upon new and fun tweople to follow.  A little more traditional and classic in her overall styling, she seems to bring a youthful and colorful edge to her selections.  She has a softness and femininity that working moms and young ladies alike can appreciate - her picture above says it all!  Here's a little insight on the warm yet determined intern we know as Lauren....

  1. Sugar, raw, artificial sweetener? I’m simple--just plain old sugar
  2. Black or camel? Definitely black. I wish I wore more camel because it’s so gorgeous, but I must confess I’m guilty of the “funeral wardrobe” when all else fails
  3. Colors or neutrals? I love color.  It just makes everything better!
  4. Pink or red? I find myself wearing pink throughout the summer and then as fall approaches I lean more towards red. Red is definitely sexier and gives an edge, so I’ll go with RED.
  5. Best purchase ever? Ok, it sounds strange but this long baby pink dress I found one day when I was like 15 in a thrift store in Alexandria and then altered it to about mid-thigh—it is completely covered in sequins and hand-beaded and is just fabulous!
  6. Current LUST item? There’s this Marc by Marc Jacobs polka-dot dress that is absolutely to die for for fall and I am just in love!
  7. Fashionista or Just Fab? Just fab, possibly a wanna-be fashionista
  8. Coffee or tea? Coffee occasionally. Never tea-for some odd reason I can’t stand it.
  9. Statement jewelry or minimalist? Love making a statement with my jewelry choices, but I have a few nicer pieces that are very minimalist and have sentimental value.
  10. Studs or hoops? Always been a hoops kind of girl, but I have a pair of gold Ralph Lauren studs that are my go-to for something quick and everyday.
  11. Bootcut or straight leg? Straight leg
  12. Best style advice for the man trying to look hip but not “young”? Go for a more tailored look without it being snug and “a hood knocks 10 years off your age and 20 points off your IQ” (this and so much more from the Esquire How-to Style Guide)
  13. Best style advice for the woman trying to hide her midsection? Dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top draw attention away from your tummy and toward your face. Avoid clingy fabrics and take the right time to find the right style for you and you’ll exude confidence—which is the best camouflage to any flaw.
  14. Flats or high heels? High heels (the higher, the better!) I’m like Mariah Carey on the stair-master in heels—it may be a little impractical for everyday but that’s the diva in me—I love heels.
  15. Oversized hobo or structured handbag? I’m always rocking an oversized hobo and can never find anything. I think this fall I need a bag with structure and compartments to organize my life (which I inevitably carry inside my bag!)
  16. Prints or stripes? Prints—I love prints because they’re so fun and I feel like they add a little artistic flare to my outfit, but at the same time there’s nothing worse than an “ugly” print so you have to be careful.
  17. Gilt Groupe or Ideeli? Ideeli
  18. Iphone or Blackberry? If I had to pick one, I’d choose the iphone hands-down. I can never figure out how to use a Blackberry. It annoys me! I don’t own either one—I have the Sprint Moment (Android).
  19. Favorite Blueprint for Style post? I really enjoyed the Sizzlin’ Summer Q&A posts. It was fun/interesting to see the questions that came in and how we’d answer them.
  20. Fall or summer? Summer for Sunshine, Fall for Fashion....hmmm so can I pick late summer and early fall because I love the hot weather but fall fashion just always seems more fabulous to me?
  21. Dress or skirt? Dresses. The right dress with the right cut is just so easy and makes you feel like a million bucks.
  22. Best leather piece for fall? I live in my black leather BCBG boots once fall kicks in (they’re flat and over the knee. I absolutely love them!) For this season, I just came across these amazing black leather trousers with a skinny leg from Theory. (almost like a legging but slightly looser and lightweight)
  23. Any fall color trends? Reds, charcoal grey (neutrals), mustard yellow
  24. Favorite designer? Oscar de la Renta; he’s been my #1 for YEARS!
  25. Favorite stores; why? Right now I’m loving H&M. They have a great selection that is very wearable and reasonably priced. Bloomingdale’s is also great. They have a great selection for 20somethings who are career-oriented but also want to be fab!
  26. Best splurge item for the young fashionista? Shoes and lots of them
  27. Any shopping secrets? I love vintage/thrift stores. It’s the greatest feeling when you find a little treasure that no one else will have (Remember the saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?) Also, remember the importance of looking good so that you’ll feel good while shopping.  Take a few minutes to curate a chic, yet easy and comfortable outfit before you shop and you’ll have a much better day!
  28. What are you going to be sharing with us this fall? Everything from plunging necklines to handheld bags!