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Where Are All of the Men?

Where Are All of the Men?
2009/09/15 Maya H.

Across the last 60 days, I have beseeched, grovelled and implored for my male readers to speak their minds and share their, not in terms of the other species but in terms of clothing, accessories, and other bits and bots of interest!.  The result -- collectively nine responses from a base of readership that comprises almost 30% of my 500+ readers!!

Oh where, oh where for art thou beings of the 'lesser' species (LOL!)?

Across the next few days, I would love to hear from the gentlemen about what is top of mind.  I read GQ, Details, and Cigar Aficionado; I speak with men from varying walks of life daily; I pound the pavement in New York City to create relationships with certain designers (...I easily logged a half marathon worth of mileage on my 4-inch Prada boots); I furiously 'twitter' to my 'tweople' to ensure I am up on what's hot and what's not......alas, to no avail.

I'm drawing the proverbial 'line in the sand' -- respond with feedback or else!  Or else, I'll be forced to continue my current musings in an effort to please you and win your attention.