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The ‘Windows to the Soul’ Need More Luscious Doors

The ‘Windows to the Soul’ Need More Luscious Doors
2009/09/14 Maya H.


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While in New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week activities, one can become overwhelmed with all of the "fashion" and "beauty" and I am no different.  I have mentioned previously that eyes can make your face 'pop' and it's the eyelashes that help to make that happen.  I even took it so far as to have a well-attended Eyelash party last year so that other ladies could learn the secret to making your face 'pop'.

It occurred to me in NYC that make style moment was going to be found, not in the myriad of clothes hitting the runways and in the store displays but, in my ability to feel like a million bucks even with 4-inch Prada boots from last year and a L.A.M.B wrap-dress that had since come-and-gone from Gwen Stefani's wardrobe likely years ago!  So, on the strength of several tweets from friends, I went to Wink Eyelash and they made me feel beautiful!

Below are a few photos because while I can sing the praises of Mimi who gave me the gift of eyelashes (everyone know I have eyelashes) and the Wink studio which was super clean, very open Zen space with beautiful pink Wink Eyelash quilts, 10 tables (some private ones as well), private lockers so you can truly relax while they're putting on your lash extensions and giving you a hand and foot massage, and soothing jazz music playing in the background....that wouldn't get you to see the results!

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