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Dear Blueprint…Need Help! – Need the Perfect Date Outfit

Dear Blueprint…Need Help! – Need the Perfect Date Outfit
2009/09/11 Maya H.

Mystery: I don't have time for a 'wardrobe assessment' or any kind of makeover but, I know I need a little help.  I have a date with a young lady and while I don't want to look like I'm ballin' or a name-brand-junky, I do want to let her know that I have style.  Also, I think it's important to not do "too much"!  And yo, it's next week so I need to be able to scoop it quickly!

Solved: Dear Michael- I understand you don't have time so we'll find you something BUT, make sure we schedule an Initial Style Consultation and Wardrobe Assessment to avoid these types of emails in the future!!  Now... since you only told Blueprint that you have a date and provided no other information we'll assume you (1) live on the East Coast so are feeling the unfortunate beginnings of fall, (2) are of some means but have no desire to blow your savings on one evening, (3) are a medium build, and (4) taking her to a dressy casual spot where ordering takes place from menus and doesn't require you to look up!

Go with dark denim jeans, corded or wool-blend blazer, dressy sneakers or casual shoes, striped or plaid button-down shirt, and steer clear of more than 3 pieces of jewelry (watch, bracelet, earring or necklace)!

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Remember: "matching" isn't stylish -- it's your ability to put together items that represent who you are without scaring anyone!.