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  • Feb242012

    Get An Entire Outfit For Free!

    Lands' End Canvas is the way to go for easy, effortless weekend casual ~ and perfect for conferences (like Blissdom)!…

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  • Jan182012

    Weekend Chic Outfit

    My overall style is "edgy, feminine, casual chic" ~ I'm always looking for that something cool that will create a…

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  • Mar102011

    Feminine & Functionally Chic!

    Wanna know how to be fun but still chic, feminine but ready for anything that the day brings you?  Try…

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  • Sep112009

    Dear Blueprint…Need Help! – Need the Perfect Date Outfit

    Mystery: I don't have time for a 'wardrobe assessment' or any kind of makeover but, I know I need a…

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