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The Ubiquitous Fall Item: A Biker Jacket

The Ubiquitous Fall Item: A Biker Jacket
2009/09/15 Maya H.

Lots of 'stuff' is appearing on the runways and in the stores across the world for fall but, one of the most ubiquitous items has to the biker jacket.  Whether you like them, love them, hate them, or debate them -- they will be around for at least the next six months.

The big question is -- How can I make it work for my classic and chic style sensibilities, or should I even make it work at all?

 Below are the biker jacket renditions from some of the more noteworthy designers and here's what you'll notice:

  1. Most of the jackets are black
  2. The 'edginess' comes for the styling of the jacket not the embellishments
  3. Most have a tighter/slimmer fit (oversized is never edgy)
  4. None fall below the hip bone and more often than not, they are just below the natural waist

[nggallery id = 21]Now, where does that leave you, right? 

  • If the choice is between biker jacket coolness or mortgage/car note, opt for the latter
  • If you already own a simple leather jacket and a classic trench, and your job is one where 'business attire' is most appropriate, skip this trend in favor of the other trend (which is a colorful coat of purple, teal, or yellow)
  • If you have the basics covered and want to add edge to your outfit as you 'enter the door' and throughout the night, grab a biker jacket because it can easily be a part of your outfit versus outerwear
  • If you're pear-shaped (i.e. - have ample hips) and aren't as heavy on top, this trend works in your favor!
  • If you've just completed a 6-week bootcamp and you're feeling like Sheera-Princess-of-Power, a biker jacket will add to your endorphin rush so,  get it!
  • If you have only $200-300 to make a statement, this is not the trend for you
  • If you just received a bonus and do not use public transportation to move to-and-fro then a biker jacket is for you

Read between the lines, make sure you have the basics covered and if you have a lifestyle that allows for use of more daring and avant-garde items then a biker jacket is worth the spend.  As always, Blueprint does recommend sticking to a (1) darker color (black, gunmetal, charcoal), (2) higher quality jacket that fits snugly now but will 'give' slightly over time and age gracefully, and (3) fewer embellishments like zippers (we loved Michael Jackson but wearing that red biker jacket today instantly 'dates' you and not in a nostalgic kind of way)...

In case you choice is the Haider Ackermann but at $1700++, I'd settle happily for the Mackage 'Becca' at $530!