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Westin Tokyo: Well-Blended Japanese Business

Westin Tokyo: Well-Blended Japanese Business
2010/11/08 Maya H.

We're all familiar with the Starwood brand (my fave), so the Westin Tokyo is a natural option.  Upon arrival, the entire lobby is decorated in Christmas decorations (BTW - Christmas is more of an intimate, couples Holiday while New Years is more family-oriented).

The Westin Tokyo brings together the comforts of western living and several Japanese traditions.  The hotel reminds you immediately of an American hotel with the heavier, baroque furnishings, but shows all of the wonderful trappings of Japanese culture like customer service, a can-do attitude and five restaurant options with everything from Chinese and Japanese cuisine with jazz music to five bars and lounges.  As a lover of food, the biggest bonus was the Èpice buffet which featured over 20 food stations ranging from traditional Japanese breakfast to soups, cinnamon-covered french toast bites, and a juicing station to a full American brunch buffet...can I say "love"?!

The overall experience was enjoyable given the buffet and (early) Christmas cheer, and while it integrates a little less of the modernity found at a Grand Hyatt, it is equally enjoyable!  I'll be back to investigate The Compass Rose and confirm that Starwood is a major contender for your Tokyo time.