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Be Business Chic at the Four Seasons Marunouchi

Be Business Chic at the Four Seasons Marunouchi
2010/11/09 Maya H.

Tokyo is a city ripe with fashion and style, but it is equal parts business too so the accomodations at Four Seasons Marunouchi remind you of how stylish, hip and modern Japanese culture can be in the midst of power playing!

Four Seasons Marunouchi soothes the senses of the business-minded with a neutral color palette throughout the hotel with splashes of vibrant color (the Japanese love color); has clean lines and modern amenities that remind you that you're in a technology savvy city; and traditional one-step-ahead-of-you service (...they even offered to carry my glass of water to my room after dinner....).  As you peer out of the ceiling-to-floor windows, you see the sea of blue suits and occasional pops of color from school-age children.

I loved the Marunouchi and its proximity to Ginza, and the Yaesu bookstore...and you will too.  The 7th floor lobby and ekki restaurant are the perfect landing perch for watching the business of Tokyo from afar.