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Puttin’ on the Ritz at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Puttin’ on the Ritz at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo
2010/11/17 Maya H.

The lobby entrance is done up grandly in a massive 3-foot tall flower arrangement that is changed regularly....and then you head to the main registration floor (45th floor) and you are likely greeted by a smiling face but definitely by a sense of majestic openness.

I loved staying at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo: their reputation for fabulous service precedes them and, in this case, is totally warranted.  We are asked for our name and escorted to our room on the 52nd floor where our "check-in" takes place there (nice...).  While checking in, we're told about the Club Lounge which we have access to and the five times a day we can eat.  The hotel is very clean, updated and modern, and aside from the overheard conversations in Japanese, you'd swear you had stepped into a high-end hotel stateside.

What I most liked other than the fabulous service is the view...

The Ritz Carlton Tokyo rules the skyline as the tallest building....go and you'll agree: majestic amid a city of juxtapositions of ancient Asian culture and cutting edge modernity.