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Traveling? Fashionable? Going First Class?

Traveling? Fashionable? Going First Class?
2012/08/31 Better Blueprint

If you're a traveler and you believe in dressing/arriving/staying in style then this list of 14 fashion hotels around the world is for you! The list includes:

So you ask - which ones have you been to? -- only Round Hill Hotel and Villas but don't think that the remaining 13 aren't now on my list!

Which one are you itching to check out?

{Palazzo Versace}

{The Hotel of South Beach}

{the g Hotel}

{Hotel Lungarno}

{Round Hill Hotel and Villas}

{Palazzo Viviani}

{Armani Hotel Dubai}

{BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts)

{Hotel le Bellechasse}

{Hotel Metropole}

{Cheval Blan}

{Maison Moschino}

{Hotel Missoni}


{Thanks to Racked for the pictures and information}