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Adios August

Adios August
2012/08/31 Better Blueprint

Instinctly I know summer is coming to an end ~ the nights are just a smidge cooler {great for running though!}, I hear kids yelling at 7:30am {which means school is back in session}, and I'm rocking my wifebeater as often as possible {because it's its last hoorah....}. I didn't have anyplace to go today but thought I'd mix it up a bit with my funky necklace, summer-ish handbag and some fun flats {this is as "flat" as I will go unless we're talking flip flops}.

No plans for the weekend as of yet other than to try and see my beau....what about you?

Outfit: Matt Bernson Charlie sandals || Micha Design necklace {similar one here} || Zara basic knit leggings {similar ones here} || Olivia & Joy handbag