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travel with packing cubes

travel with packing cubes
2017/07/18 Better Blueprint
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travel packing cubes

First off - although I have used packing cubes before, I wasn't 'all in' and ceased using them some time ago. Enter Julia, stage left, who just returned from Cuba and a few other choice locations, and she swears by them now.

So clearly I needed to check them out again and I doubled-down with these Eagle Creek clean dirty cubes that allow you to put clean items in one side and dirty in the other, or just use both sides as you see fit.

I'm a true believer again and you will be too ~ especially if you work out and want to maintain the freshness factor in your travel bag whilst getting your sweat on!

At under $20, they are worth trying because you'll be a convert too!

Now I'm not sure how your travel partners will like you given all of the gear you'll have while they don't though....