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  • Feb112022

    how your outfits can influence your mood

    The saying is, "You are what you wear!"... or something along those lines! The moment you get dressed in the…

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  • Nov042015

    Office-Appropriate Holiday Attire

    That time of year is quickly approaching and some of you may be getting a little antsy trying to think…

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  • Jun292015

    I’m Trying To Blog….I Swear!

    Let me not pull any punches ~ blogging is hard work! Seriously....imagine having to be "creative" all the time- it's…

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  • Jul172013
    wedding, nuptials, packing, travel

    Weekend Wedding Packing

    Ok it's not your wedding event but, you still need to look cute (just in case one of the groomsmen…

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  • May012013

    Spring Look {With White}

    White is clean and fresh. White is a sure signal of warm weather. White looks chic. This look from Zara…

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  • Feb062013

    My Perfect Plane Outfit [video]

    Last week I went from DC to Tampa to Miami which meant I went from 20 degrees to 82 degrees…

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  • Jan162013

    Extra Edge With Grommets & Gold

    I've been slipping on my plus-size insights and while many of the posts are flexible enough to size up (or…

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  • Dec262012

    New Year’s Eve Night On The Town

    I'm not planning to do any special outings but, if you're doing any host of high-priced, overcrowded events then you…

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  • Nov132012

    My Winter #Uniform

    When I get dressed in the colder months, I admit that I'm not nearly as creative or colorful instinctively. My…

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  • Aug302012

    Afternoon Tea Please

    I was asked by Oh, How Civilized {a cool blog by Jee that looks at the more 'civilized' side of…

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  • Aug172012

    Oxymoron: Making A Statement in Neutrals

    If I were going to play up the neutral tones of understated elegance, this might be a great play! Carine…

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  • Aug102012

    Summer to Fall Transition Piece

    No one wants to say it but summer will soon be gone and replaced with the brisk, cool days of…

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  • Aug052012

    A Lucky Mag Outfit

    I love Lucky Magazine not just because it's interactive and does hi-low well, but because it provides quite a bit…

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  • Aug022012

    An Orange Outfit

    This is a fun look for a weekend in Miami, a day of vintage shopping, an afternoon stroll with brunch…

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  • Jun262012

    Add Color…For Under $100

    Let's start the week right. Every item pictured is under $100 and makes a great addition to your summer closet…

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  • Jun222012

    $231 Summer Outfit

    Shopping List: Polo Ralph Lauren washed cotton-twill cargo shorts ($22.50) ♦ Polo Ralph Lauren custom-fit oxford shirt ($30) ♦ Dolce & Gabbana…

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  • Jun182012

    Shorts & Heels: Yes or No?

    Shorts with heels can be very sexy and feminine - would you do it? If you'd consider, here are a…

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  • Jun152012

    What to Wear When: Outdoor Movie Night

    Shopping List: striped tee: basi at yoox, $50 cuffed bermudas: alice & olivia, $198 two-tone flats: aldo , $63 waterfall…

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  • Jun012012

    A Colorful, Feminine Chic Look

    It's Friday around 6:30am, you have to get up and get out quickly. You want to look stylish and a…

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  • May312012

    4 Pieces = 5 Outfits At Least

    Depending on what you already own, you could have more but at a minimum you've got five outfits to cover:…

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  • May252012

    Stylist Packing List

    I wish I could say I was planning for a glamorous by-the-beach-in-Monaco vacation along with a side trip to the…

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  • Apr062012

    I’m Queen of the Solids

    Yes, I admit it~ I'm good for grabbing colorful tees to add "a splash of color" to my jeans but…

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  • Mar042012

    An Easy Chic Look

    A question everyone seems to ask me as a stylist is, "How can I do casual better?" The answer lies…

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  • Feb282012
    {our feminine biker babydoll look}

    This Look Deserves The Back of A Bike

    This look is our version of feminine biker chic with zest! The yellow says 'spring is sprung', the styling of…

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  • Feb242012

    Get An Entire Outfit For Free!

    Lands' End Canvas is the way to go for easy, effortless weekend casual ~ and perfect for conferences (like Blissdom)!…

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