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Comfy Timberland Sandals for The Right Person

Comfy Timberland Sandals for The Right Person
2013/07/23 Better Blueprint

green, eco-friencly, Timberland

So not everything that I try, I love but I love giving it a whirl to see if there's anything good about it. In this case, I got the opportunity to receive a pair of Timberland's new Earthkeepers maeslin backstrap sandals in off-white.

While overall the styling is a little too "safe" for me, I can appreciate that they were super comfy, the off-white color works with everything in your summer wardrobe, and 85% of the shoe is made from recycled materials.

Can you say eco-friendly?!

To offset the lower, cork-wrapped wedge heel, I opted for a shorter skirt and more fitted top to make it as chic as possible. I imagine a longer skirt or pants with a lightweight cardigan would make this a touch more 'soccer-mom' appropriate.

Overall, I love that I get to be more green and am sure that if you try them on, you'll consider stepping lightly in them for the rest of summer!!

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