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The Best Personal Style Possible – Summer Skin!!

The Best Personal Style Possible – Summer Skin!!
2009/07/10 Maya H.

male facial(Guys and gals) Read on -- you're wondering why a style blog is talking about beauty BUT a large part of presenting the 'best' you is about presenting your best 'game face'.....after all, it is the first thing people see when they see you!

I consulted with the owner of Skin Beauty Lounge, an upscale spa in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC and she had this information to share about how to weatherproof your skin for summer:

1) Moisturize your face daily! Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 by Dermalogica (available at Skin)- this moisturizer encourages firmness and elasticity while achieving absolute hydration and defense against the internal causes of skin aging or try LaRoche Posay's Antehelios products.

2) Cod liver oil!  Yes… grandma’s advice rings true - a teaspoon a day supplies you with essential fats, Vitamin A and D – these are fundamental to lasting, moisturized, smooth skin and will help to protect you from the inside out against the harshness of the summer sun. Orange juice makes a great chaser! 

3) Hydration…Water…Health - these are synonymous!  Water is essential for digestion and absorption of vitamins – it is critical to keeping your body’s largest organ, your skin, healthy and glowing.   Not all drinks are made the same; water “rains” supreme!

picture of facial4) Vitamin Facials – brutal summer heat and sun cause premature aging.  Combat sun damaged skin with a powerful vitamin and antioxidant treatment that leaves the face revitalized and youthful, just like the one offered at Skin Beauty Lounge.

5) Rosebud Salve - perfect for that windburn from weekends on the water.  Made in Woodsboro, Maryland, this medicinal salve is perfect for everything from windburned cheeks to blemishes.   At Skin, they use it on their more sensitive waxing clients to calm the skin post waxing.

What better way to put your 'best foot forward' than to bring your 'game face'!.