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So Much to Share, So Little Time!

So Much to Share, So Little Time!
2009/07/13 Maya H.

suit_1Everyone needs to check out Uptown Social Magazine- get a subscription as soon as possible.  They'll be running an article this week on German's haute and if anyone is headed there, (after all, it is once again the mecca for fashion in Eastern Europe), you'll need the insider information that will be provided!

Well Blueprint for Style has lots to say but, we try to balance that with what we think you, the reader, wants to hear.  With so much to say and so little time, PLEASE share your thoughts on what you'd like to hear about over the next few weeks.

Starting in mid-August thru mid-September, Blueprint will be running a series on "Transformation", taking a peek into the closets of some BfS clients and how we're solving their issues:

  • changing their wardrobe from summer to fall styles
  • updating a young woman's wardrobe from corporate dress to more edgy and chic to prepare for her new career
  • refining a client's wardrobe from casual to corporate dress

In the midst of that, our focus will also be on getting everyone ready for the fall in September - since that is when all of the fall/winter runway clothes are translated into everyday fashions!!

Stay tuned.....