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  • Aug152016

    New FREE Style Downloadables Available!

    About three or four times a year, Blueprint for Style gathers all of the requests we've had throughout the year…

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  • Feb062013

    Can’t Miss Hit List: iPhone Case

    I love color...anything shining...and anything #tech related. The answer is Incase's chrome iphone case ~ $10.50! And it comes in…

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  • Jan252013

    Fashionable Fitness Bits n Bots

    It's winter and, if you're like me, you have to battle your inner demons along with the outside temperatures to…

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  • Dec202012

    Tech Awards for 2012

      I own the Dell #XPS 13 Ultrabook and am one of their Super Users. Travel & Leisure (December 2012…

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  • Dec172012

    Best Case Scenario [SLIDESHOW]

    These are the top iphone cases from cute to whimsical to sleek to eco-friendly to designer to wood, bunny ears,…

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  • Oct032012
    black enterprise, blogalicious

    Takeaways & Tools Via Blogalicious on Black Enterprise

    Blogalicious 2013 was awesome...and I even got to share some of my tips for being more productive with Black Enterprise!

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  • Sep202012

    The Convergence of Technology & Fashion

    I call it stylish tech, but it is truly about how two disparate enterprises have collided, converged, and coalesced into…

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  • Dec282011

    Best Style & Fashion Apps for 2011

    Besides Twitter, I sat back to figure out what I would have missed in 2011 had I not been able…

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  • Dec122011

    Two-Pronged Tech Plan

    I am riding high after attending LeWeb in Paris (Europe's largest social media & internet conference). Why? LeWeb gave me…

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  • Dec082011

    Caught Tech-Handed

    Gloves are a winter essential but these are not only season-appropriate but ideal for the tech savvy mamacita! The Audrey…

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