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Best Style & Fashion Apps for 2011

Best Style & Fashion Apps for 2011
2011/12/28 Better Blueprint

Besides Twitter, I sat back to figure out what I would have missed in 2011 had I not been able to access these apps. What app do you use regularly that you think you could not have made it through the year without it? Here are mine:

  • Pantone ~ I use this app with all of my clients to better understand their current color preferences as well as create color palettes for inspiration
  • Tungle ~ I can schedule with anyone and manage meetings on the fly! Go ahead and find me, and schedule a meeting...
  • Flipboard ~ I can now literally 'flip' through all of my news, style updates, technology news, twitter and LinkedIn updates, and more...all in one application (a fab find from LeWeb)!
  • Brushes ~ an app that allows you to essentially use your iPad/iPhone to draw [now I cannot draw but it does allow me to create sketches that I can later use for/with my clients]
  • Pinterest ~ because we all need a little inspiration and when I can't seem t put soemthing together, I can go to my folks and they show me what inspires them and it helps me!