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  • Feb272013

    Prints, Patterns & Stripes

    Men are monochromatic, so this is a chance to add a little spice to the mix with prints, patterns and…

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  • Dec062012

    Jailhouse Style

    It's not jailhouse blues or even orange but, stripes! Besides creating a great optical illusion of added spice in a…

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  • May152012

    Striped Away

    To add a little zip to any outfit, you don't have to go berserk ~ a few aptly placed stripes…

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  • Mar182011

    Morning (Style) Quickie

    To create the best effect possible, ensure your prints are in direct proportion to your size.  For example, if you…

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  • Mar042011

    How-to Mix ‘n Match Prints & Patterns

    Choose prints that look cohesive together–one's that don't look too similar, but still compliment each other. Trying to match prints…

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  • Feb112011

    2011 Style Trend: Stripes

    Whether they're horitzontal or vertical, stripes are here for the year!  Expect to see them in everything from outerwear to…

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