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How-to Mix ‘n Match Prints & Patterns

How-to Mix ‘n Match Prints & Patterns
2011/03/04 Maya H.
  • Choose prints that look cohesive together–one's that don't look too similar, but still compliment each other. Trying to match prints of similar colors can help achieve this.

Photo: Courtesy of Gregory Parkinson

  • Know what flatters your body type
    • If you're petite, go for a smaller print to avoid being consumed by the prints
    • To emphasize curves, try horizontal stripes and bold patterns
    • To minimize curves, try patterns in dark colors, small floral prints or vertical stripes that will elongate your body
  • Mixing textures is a great way to ease into the mix 'n match trend. For example, mix together unexpected textures such as fur and silk, or velvet, sequins and lace.
  • Layering is key–it will balance out your creative outfit and gives you more opportunities to pile on the patterns!
  • Look to the East for inspiration (as many designers did for their Fall ready-to-wear collections) and follow Japanese Kimono rules. They know just how to pair together the right prints and patterns for their traditional Kimonos and Obi sashes to create beautiful ensembles
  • Accessories are your friend with this trend... the right compilation of accessories will pull your look together and can be another way to add different prints and patterns to your outfit

For more inspiration, check out Erdem Moralioglu's Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection! Erdem knows prints and knows how to seamlessly combine them to create beautiful looks.

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