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Jailhouse Style

Jailhouse Style
2012/12/06 Better Blueprint

It's not jailhouse blues or even orange but, stripes! Besides creating a great optical illusion of added spice in a slightly more orderly fashion, it's a simple way to add color. Our advice:

  • If there's an area you want to de-emphasize (shrink a the snap of a finger), opt for vertical stripes
  • If you gotta have stripes and they're horizontal, try to ensure there's a darker color and its the wider of the colors
  • Stripes on top and dark on the bottom = instant 'long n lean'!
  • Want to try it but you're scared, try striped shoes, handbag, tie or pocket square
  • Head to toe stripes with a bright belt diminishes your top half (great for more busty ladies!)

I don't own any striped bottoms and only one or two tops (this one is a possibility in acorn). When it comes to stripes, I fancy the Kirsten Dunst look because its ladylike, chic and with the right color combination, striking, so a fitted dress or an a-line dress would be perfect!

{click the little round, red-outlined dots on the picture to see the item enlarged}