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  • Jul062022

    Declutter Your Closet

    While you may still be left with a few items you're unsure about, this 10-step Declutter Your Closet Cheat Sheet…

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  • Jun112020

    ClosetCARE service

    ClosetCARE is here! We heard from several clients, old and new alike, that they wanted help maintaining the personal style…

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  • Apr062016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part II

    Part II: Let's finish up strong..... Last week, we laid groundwork for getting the space (and our mind) ready to…

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  • Mar302016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part I

    Part I: Let's start with the easy stuff..... It could be termed "psychological warfare" because cleaning your closet can really…

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  • Aug252014
    pants trolley, closet organization

    Men & Their Pants

    Space can be a problem for many of us( (I'm included) and while that can sometimes be because we on…

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  • Aug182014
    hanger cascader

    Men & Their Shirts

    Across the last three weeks, I have been through at least seven (7) men's closets and universally I am seeing…

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  • Jun042013

    Organization Orgasm

    I was tooling one of my new favorite sites, Houzz, and saw this ~ what was immediately fabulous about it…

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  • Nov152010

    Monday (Late) Morning Power List

    A week’s worth of fashion, faux pas, follies, fabulosity, finds, forgettables, regrettables, and the like…… Mondays are Awesome: Choose a day…

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  • Oct222010

    Apparently Women Want Bigger Closets….

    Today, I just kicked off a mini-series of posts for a site for which I am the Fashion/Style Editorista....MyBlogalicious!  The…

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